NO COUPLE LEFT BEHIND~Marriage Outreach Ministry  -


"Deborah & I feel so blessed to be a part of something so special. David, Pam, Derrick, and Anitra each one of you are doing an outstanding job. Our home was blessed in a Godly way yesterday. Continue to change marriages for the better good."                                 ~Charles Colston 

"Joseph and I were saying the same thing on the way home. We love being a part of the ministry!! My husband said to me, "I enjoy being part of our ministry. I love learning how to love, support and listen to you better. I actually look forward to going every month. It is definitely a lot of fun.", and I couldn't agree more!!:) We have come along way as a couple since we have joined NCLB. I just wish we knew of it when we first started out, we could have avoided SO many arguments and pain but God's timing is perfect and we have learned from our past/mistakes. We love all of you!!"       ~Kristen Terry  

"Awesome! It's encouraging to meet other positive couples. I've learned a lot about how to strengthen my marriage."'   ~Anitra Jones    
"We have been a part of this ministry for over a year now. I can honestly say that each and every time we meet as a group, we have been Blessed....we actually learn tools to Bless our marriage and cling closer to GOD and each other!! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!"                        ~Deborah Colston

"This was one of the best opportunities to open up dialogue and get balance.. We'll continue to get knowledge, fight the opposition, seek truth, extinguish fires and support all of those who need to be embraced.. Plus let's have fun.. One Love"
               ~Herman Davis

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