NO COUPLE LEFT BEHIND~Marriage Outreach Ministry  -
Welcome to No Couple Left Behind~Couple's Outreach Ministry website. The No Couple Left Behind is a social ministry designed for married couples who are seeking ways to enhance their marriage, as well as learning how to become a better mate for their spouse according to God’s design. 

Divorce Statistics:
There are more than 2 million divorces each year.  1st marriages 45%to 50% and 2nd marriage 60% to 67%. The sad  part is that many divorces could have been prevented with a little more love, support and encouragement. 

That's what our ministry is all about LOVE, SUPPORT and ENCOURAGEMENT!

OUR VISION:  To be the primary alternative marriage resource ministry; continually seeking ways to enhance and strengthen marriage according to couple's needs.  

O-Overcome obstacles in marriage with the word of God
U-Unity in the body of Christ
T-Teach biblical marriage principles                                          
R-Respect one another
E-Encourage one another in love and support 
A-Agree to disagree
C-Cleave to the Covenant of marriage designed by God
H-Honor God by honoring your spouse. 

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